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issue two april 2004


The 2004 Athens Paralympic Games is only five short months away! The athletes who will be competing in this year's Paralympic Games come from many and varied backgrounds and Edge Employment Solutions support many of our Paralympic athletes in finding and maintaining employment.

The motivation and positive attitude necessary to succeed in top level sports is evident in each and every athlete that we work with. Many employers have embraced the opportunity of employing these ambitious and dedicated people in their workplaces. However there are some athletes who are currently seeking employment, and a place to put their focus and commitment to work.


Stacey Williams is a veteran of the Paralympic swimming scene. She won a medal at the 2000 games in Sydney and has been selected to compete in Athens later this year. Stacey is a dedicated and hard working young woman with a passion for her sport. While most of us are happily sleeping at 4:30am Stacey is up and on her way to the pool to start her first training session for the day. She trains eleven times per week, in the pool and at the gym, and averages about 4-5kms per swimming session.

Stacey Williams passion and dedication, makes
her a winner, in and out of the pool.

At only 22 years of age Stacey has been swimming for twelve years. She has received scholarships from both the AIS and WAIS and her potential was realised very early. Stacey has a physical disability and first took up swimming to aid with her development. She soon discovered that she could do things in the water that she couldn't do on land, and now she swims for strength, fitness, enjoyment and . . . of course . . . medals!!

Stacey is not currently working but is interested in gaining part time employment in a clerical capacity. She lives with her family in Darlington but has previously worked in the Perth CBD and also in Midland. Stacey has had customer service, call centre and administration experience. This, coupled with her sporting attitude, would make her a valuable asset to any organisation.

If you would like to know more about Stacey please contact Edge Employment Solutions.


Dianne Saunders is another Paralympic swimmer supported by Edge Employment Solutions. Dianne, is 19 years old and has been swimming for six years, is about to compete in her first Paralympic games. She has won medals at a national and international level, but is yet to add a Paralympic medal to her trophy cabinet. Dianne is the 3rd fastest 100m breaststroke swimmer in the world in her classification, so she is certainly a big medal chance!

Dianne rises at 4:45am for training four times a week and says that with winter approaching this is getting harder and harder, however her drive to succeed motivates her to train nine times per week in the pool and gym. Dianne is currently supported by WAIS and has received scholarships from AIS and the WA Wheelchair Sports Association. Dianne also finds the time to work as a clerical assistant at Sacred Heart College in Sorrento, where she works approximately 15 hours per week doing various administration duties.

We wish all our Paralympic hopefuls every success

in their endeavours to bring home gold!

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