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issue one january 2004


To those of you who have worked with us in the past, are presently working with us, and who may have only just heard of us . . . we would like to remind you that Edge Employment Solutions is one of the largest and longest established employment agencies for people with disabilities in Australia.

People with disabilities who Edge Employment Solutions has placed and supported have been proven to have long tenure, better safety records, less absenteeism, loyalty and equivalent productivity when compared to the general workforce. They are positive and skilled workers who will improve the morale of a work environment by bringing enthusiasm, motivation and a genuine pride in their work.

Edge Employment Solutions can assist you to reap the benefits of employing people with disabilities; by providing assistance with the selection of a carefully matched job seeker, ongoing on-the-job training and support, co-worker training, and a range of other services. Did I mention that we’re able to do all of this at absolutely no charge to you, or to the job seeker?

Here’s what our Partner’s at the BP Kwinana Refinery think about the service…

"The amount of assistance we received from Edge was outstanding. The assistance of the support personnel has been greatly appreciated. They have a non-intrusive manner and have provided excellent guidance and support. Edge has made this a very smooth process for us!"


Edge Employment Solutions is currently nominated for one of Australia’s most prestigious national awards; the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership Awards. These Awards celebrate those organisations around Australia that have developed outstanding partnerships that actively contribute to social cohesion and an improved standard of living for Australians.

The relationship that Edge Employment Solutions has enjoyed with the Coles Myer Group since 1984 is currently nominated for the "Longevity Partnership Award". Since its inception, the partnership has supported 241 workers with disabilities in jobs throughout the Coles Myer Group. This has delivered significant savings through increased tenure and loyalty, lower turnover, and comparable productivity of people with disabilities. The public profile of the company has also been raised, enabling Coles Myer to demonstrate to the community that it is a socially responsible corporate citizen.


In need of a person with . . .

  • Excellent computer skills in the areas of hardware construction, software installation and troubleshooting
  • Experience in running their own business
  • An extremely positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm, motivation and a team attitude

Roberto has run his own business successfully for three years, and has over eight years experience as a computer technician. He can work with most computer programs and has a wide variety of related skills including website design and construction, network and internet configuration, and sales skills.

If you would like to know more about Roberto please contact Edge Employment Solutions immediately . . .

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