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issue twelve march 2008

EDGE finalist in Prime Minister’s Award

In November 2007, EDGE Employment Solutions was placed in the top three agencies in Australia that provide Government funded employment services in the Prime Minister’s Employer of the Year Awards.

Now in its 17th year, the awards have traditionally recognised the contribution made by small, medium, large and national employers in providing employment opportunities for people with disability. The awards particularly acknowledge employers who have shown leadership, innovation and commitment.

For the first time in 2007, a new category was created recognising the contribution of employment agencies. It was a great credit to EDGE that it was selected as a finalist from more than 1,000 around Australia that were eligible for the award.

Spotless Record

Some of the Spotless employees placed and supported by EDGE: Robert Tan, Jon Landau, Jaqui Finkle and Tammy Eyles.

Spotless has been recognised with a Leading EDGE Employer Award for its long-term commitment and dedication to employing people with disabilities.

EDGE’s Managing Director, Sue Robertson, said that Spotless had employed 22 people with disabilities over the past 21 years and continually strived to identify new job opportunities. EDGE and Spotless have worked together closely to place people in positions such as kitchen hand, commercial cleaners, laundry assistant and gardener.

Spotless currently employs five workers with disabilities through EDGE clients at its Murdoch site. The longest serving worker is Tammy Eyles, who has been with Spotless for 10 years. "I am very grateful for my job at Spotless and enjoy what I do. The people here are great to work with and thanks to EDGE Employment Solutions for placing me here," Tammy said.

Mentoring co-workers with disabilities

EDGE Employment Solutions runs its popular and successful training course for co-workers and supervisors of people with disabilities every two months. This free, one-day course provides participants with the skills and confidence to train and support co-workers with disabilities to become independent and productive members of their workforce.

Please call the course presenter, Melanie Stevenson, on 9286 6600 to find out about upcoming courses or to register your interest.

Look out for EDGE in WA Business News

EDGE is about to launch a new 30-week promotional campaign on the front page of WA Business News. Every fortnight, starting in late February, EDGE will run a series of advertisements (such as the one featured here).

The campaign is targeted primarily at big business: the main readership demographic for WA Business News. EDGE has always known the benefits of targeting large business in order to secure employment opportunities for people with disabilities. For employees they provide greater training and development opportunities, offer more opportunities for advancement, are likely to be less affected by economic fluctuations and generally have better pay and conditions. From EDGE’s perspective, large business offers excellent repeat business potential and the opportunity to build enduring relationships that will benefit all parties.

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