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About Us

Vision and Values


  • EDGE Employment Solutions enables people with disability to establish and maintain careers in open employment that are of mutual benefit to the employee, employer and the community.



  • People with disability have a right to work in open employment
  • All workers with disability have a right to a fair day’s pay as have the employers a right to a fair day’s work
  • Job seekers and workers play a central role in planning their own careers
  • The promotion of job seekers with disability for any vacancy must focus on their abilities and economic worth to the employer
  • On-the-job support and co-worker mentoring are key strategies for equipping workers with the full range of skills necessary to succeed in their chosen careers
  • Key contributors to a successful career are desire to work, support from significant others, realistic career choice and access to individualised support
  • Job seekers and workers have the right to privacy, respect and freedom from abuse in all their dealings with EDGE