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Case Studies

Showing Job-seekers Case Studies

Job Seekers

Edge welcomes Tristan to the team!

Tristan came to Edge as a job seeker, and through getting to know him, we identified that he would be a great fit to join our team. He has recently commenced his role as an Administrative Assistant where he provides support to our Corporate Services team and is enjoying doing bookkeeping and data entry. His...

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Tristan smiling in front of the Edge sign.
Job Seekers

Happy 10-year work anniversary!

Darren recently celebrated his 10-year work anniversary at Coles Ocean Keys. Darren’s Manager Jason organised a staff morning tea to celebrate his amazing achievement. Darren engaged with us 26 years ago after his teacher advised him to seek help from Edge. He is supported regularly in his role of Cleaner and Maintenance Worker by Edge...

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Darren smiling while holding a book
Job Seekers

Certificate 1 in Leadership – 100% all round!

Nine of our Job Seekers recently completed their Certificate 1 in Leadership over 12 weeks, with not only a 100% participation rate but a 100% pass rate! The course provided our Job Seekers with further skills and knowledge to prepare them for any workplace. The course focused on collaboration and leadership, where...

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Job Seeker smiling with certificate
Job Seekers

The Spotlight is on Eloise

Spotlight have recently opened their new Fremantle store and have given one of our Clients Eloise an amazing opportunity. Even though Eloise had no experience in customer service or the retail industry she got a job at their new store and was extremely excited to get started! EDGE is thankful to Spotlight for committing to...

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Eloise at work
Job Seekers

Van’s new home and brighter future!

Van was born in Vietnam and moved to Australia as a refugee seeking a better life. Having no family, friends or support here, Van contacted EDGE. Our Customer Liaison Officer Susan firstly assisted him in learning basic computer skills. His EDGE Employer Consultant Anthony then identified that he would greatly benefit from undertaking the Skills...

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Van smiling
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