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Work Assist for Employers

Work Assist helps you keep your valuable team members employed and at work if they suffer an injury, become ill or develop a disability.

Sometimes situations arise where your employees face difficulties at work and require support to better manage and cope in the workplace. Work Assist is designed for your existing employees and is mutually beneficial to both yourself as an employer and to your staff. The service is delivered by our highly experienced staff at no cost to either party.

Work Assist ensures that your employee is supported to maintain long-term employment and that you are able to retain valuable employees; saving the cost and time required to hire and train new employees.

How does it work?

Our team will meet with you to identify the barriers preventing your employee from thriving in their role. We will then work with you and your employee to provide assistance and advice for a minimum period of six months.

Assistance and management strategies can include:

  • Arrangement of health assistance for your employee including Occupational therapy, Counselling and other Allied Health Services
  • Help with making reasonable workplace modifications
  • Assistance to re-design your employee’s job role if necessary
  • Workplace assessments, review and design
  • Skills development for your employee
  • Access to funding to make workplace modifications or acquire special equipment

Once we understand the challenges your employee is facing, we will co-design strategies with you and your employee to get things back on track quickly.

To be eligible for this program your employee must:

  • Have a diagnosed disability, or long-term health condition
  • Be currently employed for a minimum of eight hours per week, and not studying full-time
  • Have worked an average of eight hours per week for 13 consecutive weeks
  • Be an Australian resident and aged between 14 – 65

You can download our Work Assist brochure here. 

Do you think your business or any of your employees would benefit from learning more about Work Assist?

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