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The cost of recruiting staff can run into thousands of dollars when advertising, interviewing, and training are taken into account – even then there is no guarantee of getting the right person. EDGE provides all of these services, and more, at no cost and with average placement tenure of around 4 years.


Job Support

EDGE provides personalised on-the-job training to your employee with a disability until they are on the pathway to being an effective and productive member in your workplace. Our highly experienced team of Job Coordinators hold a range of professional or trade qualifications and will provide ongoing training and support not only to the employee, but to you as their employer, whether it be co-worker mentoring or support for as long as required. Additionally, the team are well-trained with tools and strategies designed to overcome any challenges that may arise.


Work Assist Program

Do you have an existing employee who is facing difficulties at work due to their disability/medical condition? If so, EDGE can provide support for your employee to better manage and cope in the workplace. This service is delivered by highly experienced Job Coordinators, at no cost to you or the employee.


Apprenticeships & Traineeships

EDGE has supported more than 525 workers to successfully complete apprenticeships or traineeships since 2005. Employers are expected to have a strong commitment to training and to provide the necessary support and encouragement throughout the apprenticeship. Naturally, EDGE will be there to assist through on-the-job support and additional training to facilitate the apprentices’ learning.

The training your apprentice undergoes combines practical experience at work and off the job training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). An RTO can be either a private provider or a public education institution such as TAFE. Financial incentives are available to eligible employers to cover the cost and time that goes into training the next generation of tradesmen and women.

Traineeships are also available to students who are in their final years at school. School-based traineeships provide an excellent opportunity for students to begin preparing themselves for their future careers before they even leave school. This traineeship is an excellent bridge to a work-based traineeship or apprenticeship after leaving school. The student generally spends one to two days a week in the work place and the remaining days at School. EDGE has established partnerships with 60 Perth schools to assist students with disability to secure school-based traineeships through its successful and popular School To Work Transition (SWoT) Program.

Trainees are expected to work towards achieving the training outcomes, attend off-the-job training or receive on-the-job training, complete the tasks set by the Registered Training Organisation, and keep a record of progress in both work and training. Trainees who successfully complete their traineeships are awarded a nationally recognised certificate level qualification in their area of training.

For more information, please see the Department of Training and Workplace Development


Other Services

At no cost to you, EDGE can provide the following services:

  • Jobs Audit – we can identify jobs that are well suited to people with disability in your workplace
  • Access Audit – we can analyse your workplace to determine what modifications (if any) would be needed
  • Workplace Modification (Job-Access)– Our team of Occupational Therapists can support you through the application process for any workplace modifications required, generally at no cost to you
  • Wage Subsidies – we can provide wage subsidies when and where they might be needed
  • Candidate Identification – we can offer candidates, including TAFE and university graduates, who are motivated, dedicated and well-matched to the job
  • Disability Training – EDGE has been delivering disability training for over 25 years. Our trainers have extensive National and International training experience and can customise a training package to meet your business needs


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