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Information for job seekers

Edge Employment Solutions believes that all people with disability have a right to work in open employment.

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At Edge we can help you if you have a disability or long-term injury and cannot find employment or require assistance in the workplace.

Our main services are:

Consumer Services

Our Edge services include:

You can download our latest job seeker brochure here.

Edge will empower and assist you in finding meaningful employment for your desired job. With over 37 years of experience, Edge will support your changing individual needs by providing high quality ongoing support.

Our passionate team will work with you to find suitable open employment and maintain fulfilling work. Edge will ensure you are prepared for your employment as well as your employer to ensure a successful journey.

Contact- begin your journey by simply contacting EDGE on 1300 253 065 or by email- Register- you will be registered with EDGE by a Customer Relations Advisor who will ask you about your skills, interests, education, training and employment goals. They will answer any questions you may have. Partner- you will then be allocated your own Employer Consultant who will support you in finding a job based on your career goals, abilities and interests. Together, we will work through your resume, build your interview skills and identify any additional training needed. Job Search- the job search process involves working in partnership with an Employer Consultant to look for open and meaningful employment in an area that matches your goals, abilities and interests. Employment- once a job is secured you will be introduced to your Job Coach who will provide you with ongoing contact and support.

If you want to learn more about how Edge can help you, please contact us.


Learn how Edge Employment Solutions has worked with Ben Kelly a sole-trader, to assist him in running his own car detailing business. Since 1984, Edge has secured nearly 8,000 jobs in open employment.


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