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Case Studies

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Kerrageous Koffee

One of EDGE’s Clients Leighton applied for a role advertised on Facebook by Kerrageous Koffee. He was assisted in following-up the role by EDGE Employer Consultant Sharon as Leighton did not have the desired driver license and needed assistance to overcome this factor. Anna, the owner of Kerrageous Koffee, a coffee and food van, was...

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Leighton and Anna Kerrageous Koffee
Job Seekers

When the Impossible becomes Possible!

A long-term EDGE Client Ashveer experienced great adversity yet has still been able to experience a life-long dream. This is thanks to the generosity of the WA Police force, who helped us make the impossible, possible. Ashveer always wanted to be a Police officer, but sadly this is...

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Ashveer & Police Force
Job Seekers

Paul doing fantastic work

One of our Clients Paul worked at McDonald’s Jolimont a few years ago but had to leave due to health conditions. We can happily say that Paul returned to working at a newly renovated McDonald’s last year. Paul has recently celebrated his 52-week outcome! EDGE Job Coach Peter has been working with...

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Paul Kagi
Job Seekers

Anthony’s Ambition

EDGE goes above and beyond in helping all of our Clients to succeed in the workplace, and Anthony is no exception. Two years ago, EDGE helped Anthony join the caregiving team at St John of God (SJOG) Mt Lawley in a Environmental Services role. Anthony is ambitious and wants to become a Patient Care Assistant....

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Job Seekers

Eddie goes full SERCUL!

No two Job Seekers are the same, and no two Job Seekers secure employment in the same way. Eddie began volunteering for SERCUL earlier this year and formed a strong relationship with his future Employers on his own. At the same time, Eddie began working with EDGE to secure paid employment. Together with his EDGE Employer...

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