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Building Inclusive Teams

Building Inclusive Teams is a workshop run by our knowledgeable and experienced staff educating Employers and Employees on inclusion and diversity. Inclusion is an important part of any successful workplace so it is important you know how to treat people with disability and the benefits they will bring to your organisation.  

Our program will educate you on inclusiveness, a strategy for using each person’s unique strengths to increase their contribution and customer value. Inclusion should be the aim of every organisation to ensure diverse people feel valued and respected. A series of activities each with a different disability focus will be run educating attendees on various disabilities and how to handle situations. Employees who feel accepted and respected apply their best selves to their work.  

Program goals:   

  • Increase awareness of disability  
  • Provide a basic understanding of workplace barriers for people with disabilities  
  • Feel confident discussing disability using the right terminology and etiquette  
  • Know how to create an enabling environment- what are reasonable workplace adjustments   

We will customise the training objective to your business requirements. Contact us to make a booking or to find out more . You can also download our brochure here.

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